Hurricane Relief Effort

Photo Source: CNN (

Photo Source: CNN (

The crisis in the southern United States has affected and displaced hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens. While many of us are far from the storms and have our everyday lives to take care of, I want to do more to assist with relief efforts. I am organizing a convoy to head down from Boise, Idaho to affected areas of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. We are looking to provide clean bottled water, food, first aid, and any other necessary supplies on our trip down. In addition to bringing supplies, we will be there to offer service and assistance in any way available. 

If you are able to help fund this relief effort, please do so by clicking the Donate button below. If you want to reach out to offer other services of donations, please click the contact button below. We are also looking for anyone willing to travel with us in the convoy. 

While in the affected area, I will also be aiming to document the crisis and disaster relief to show the good in humanity when we can come together as one, and as a token of our appreciation I will be sending out prints to all donors. Even small donations can make a huge difference in the communities who have lost everything. 

Thank you for your kindness,