30 Day Challenge

We’re doing it. Full clip, no excuses, doing it. Well, mostly.

You have all heard of 30 Day Challenges. They’re literally all over the internet. Your aunt and her best friend Beatirce have all probably told you about their 30 day crossfit challenge or the 30 Day Tide Pod Challenge.

SO, in order to show your aunt that we are better than her, my girlfriend Taleah and I are doing a few month long endeavors of our own.

You are on the edge of your seat, I know. Well, don’t fall over in shock, but we are giving up watching TV for the month of February. Technically, we already started (duh) on February 1st, but I am busy (lazy) and haven’t had time to write about it.

Taleah and I found that we were getting home from work, going to the gym, cooking dinner, then promptly sitting down for an episode of Black Mirror, and not getting up for a few hours sometimes. We weren’t stoked on our lack of progress towards some of our other goals - like learning to play the Ukelele, blogging (hey), or cleaning like real adults.

We’ve also been cooking a lot more, because we just stay in the kitchen instead of halfway between the Living Room and Kitchen. It’s allowed us to hone our cooking skills and enjoy spending time with one another doing these “chores” like cooking and cleaning dishes.

So far, we are proud to report that aside from catching the news for a few minutes on Saturday mornings, we haven’t “vegged out” since we began. It has had a lot of positives for us - we talk more over dinner, our apartment is MUCH cleaner, and we spend a lot of time exploring one another’s passions and dreams together. It really has made quite the difference, and honestly, we haven’t missed it very much other than the occasional craving for another Rick & Morty episode to zone out to.

I am working on a principal about small incremental changes, and this is my first foray into testing this theory of spiraling upwards. I am surely not the first person to think about this - but I am still wanting to test it out ourselves before fully subscribing to the idea. I’m working on writing up a post (or maybe a video) explaining my personal take on this principal. I’ll be sure to update this post when that’s ready.

Halfway Unrelated: Here’s one of our favorite meals to make together during this 30 Day Challenge - Sesame Chicken with Jasmine Rice. This month has given us a lot more time to cook together and enjoy each other’s conversation whilst eating home cooked food.

Homemade Sesame Chicken with Jasmine Rice

Homemade Sesame Chicken with Jasmine Rice