Hey, Hey, Hey, What Is Going On Here?

Hey, Hey, Hey, What Is Going On Here?

So, I haven't really been very active on this site. At least not as active as I planned to be. I planned to be releasing podcasts weekly, and blog posts a few times a week at least. 

Well, it turns out that it is pretty hard to keep going. I feel like I had a pretty good start, and recorded 3 episodes of the podcast in a row. You can check em out here if you'd like. I had a few other awesome guests lined up too, but Life just gets in the way like that sometimes. 

I don't want to make this sound like an excuse, but I just became too busy with [Framed] Live, my current work for Camille BeckmanChateau des Fleurs, and an offer to work on another exciting startup - not to mention trying to spend some time with my girlfriend and family somewhere in between. 

But, even with all of that going on, I want to allocate a good amount of time towards this small community here. And to do that, here's what I have planned for the growth of HelloImBen. 

1) More Podcasts! 
This is a pretty important one to me, because I really enjoyed the first few, and want to continue to be able to sit down and have amazing conversations with interesting people. Ideally, I will do one a week, but we will see how well that works. 

2) More Consistent Blogging
I want to grow the platform a bit, and run with the concept of the podcast - having features and guests, and allowing myself to share the work of others I enjoy and think deserve an extra little shout out. (Be sure to subscribe and such to keep up on that)

3) Marketplace!
I have so many super crazy talented friends who create art and just have a hard time getting the sales and marketing side of things going. Especially because so many are hard at work honing their craft. I have helped a few setup online stores and websites to help grow their sales and marketing, but I think an easier approach to help some friends get going is to host a small little marketplace where they can share their art with my small audience. I don't want this to be just about trying to sell something, but sharing the amazing work that talented individuals have created. 
If you are interested in having your work as part of the marketplace, send me a message and let's connect.

Love you all,

( Brownie points if you get the reference in the title. )