Mental Maintenance

I have quite an issue. The issue is that I frequently get stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing, producing the same look in my work, shooting the same locations, and most importantly not growing as an artist. 
That last one is the toughest one for me. I have been shooting a long time, and its very difficult for me to see others that have shot for 1/4th the amount of time that are blowing me out of the water. It's frustrating but I've come to be okay with it. However, that doesn't mean I am taking it laying down.

I have discovered that I have to depart from the norm and find something new and fresh that I don't normally do. This shakes up my processes and clears out a lot of old patterns I get stuck in. It helps me grow and become a better artist overall. This family portrait session with fellow photographer Jessica and her family was the perfect remedy. 

I'm not typically a family photographer, and I will never claim to be the best. But it does create something special for me when I shoot. On top of finding that fresh mix of shooting techniques, I was fortunate enough to have rad clients that meshed perfectly with how I shoot, and I think that helped create some of the best family photos I've shot. 

They say if you want to continue shooting a certain style and attract a certain type of client, you have to put that style of work on showcase. So here it is, Universe. 
These are the people I would gladly photograph for every family portrait session from here on out.