Camping the Oregon Coast

Camping the Oregon Coast

Oregon has always had a place in my heart. I have many great memories on the Oregon coast, and this was my favorite of them all.

My girlfriend and I left our hometown of Boise to get to the coast of Oregon for some much needed R&R. We packed up my Jeep and headed west. After driving all day, and much of the night, we made it to the small beach town of Seaside, and began searching for a place to get some sleep for the night.

Waking up in the morning light was a surreal experience, as we had slept in the back of my Jeep on a makeshift bed with our pup, Buddy. The next couple of days were filled with visiting some of our favorite places along the coast, and documenting one of our favorite memories together.

We found out earlier in our relationship that we had a mutual favorite spot - a bridge near the sea, deep in the lush green of Oregon’s forest. We went to this bridge and on the beach adjeacent, I told Taleah something that had been on my mind for quite some time - I was deeply in Love with her. She has continued to reinforce my feelings, and our love for each other continues to grow.

For her birthday, I put together a video of the trip, from start to finish. It’s one of our favorite things to watch together now. I’ve included it below.