Shooting a proposal for one of my best friends in Hawaii sounds like an absolute dream - and it totally was!

Tyler and I have shared many, many memorable stories together over the years. Those stories will always have a special place to me - but this day was definitely one I will remember forever.

Now, I had only met Chandler once very briefly in the past when they had come back home to Boise to visit. But I knew the way he spoke about her, that they had a special relationship. The more I get to know Chandler, the more I can see how they fit each other so well and provide balance to each other.

Tyler had called me up to catch up as he had done ever so often since he moved to Hawaii. After talking for a little bit, we began discussing this idea he had for a proposal to his then girlfriend, Chandler. He wanted to bring me out to stay with them for a few days to visit, and we would plan to do a fun “couple photos” session for them. At some point during the shoot, he would give me his code word and we would both know that meant he was ready to go.

We had decided on a beautiful private resort that was currently being remodeled. It was a perfect chance to not worry about other people wandering through, and it was breath-taking. The scenery was more jungle rather that what most people would expect - a beach. I thought this fit who they are as people much better than a classic Hawaiian beach sunset shoot.

With the help of Tyler’s friend Josh, and Chandler’s friend Sabrina, we helped plan Tyler’s big surprise. Sabrina and Chandler spent a day out enjoying the beautiful weather while Tyler, Josh and I took a short boat ride to go pick out her ring in Maui. It was all coming together perfectly.

The day finally came for him to pop the big question. Everything went so smoothly and perfect. Chandler was completely caught off guard and her reaction was priceless. I love shooting proposals for this exact reason.

I hope you enjoy the photos.