The Honey Babe Collection

3 Presets

Sawdust | Honey Babe | Wonderland

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Sawdust is the jack-of-all-trades black and white conversion. This preset is an instant classic, with bold blacks and whites without losing detail or having muddy tones.

The toning is just a tiny reminder of a warm black and white film, with plenty of rough grain to add a gritty, rough feel - like sawdust. Clever right?

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Honey Babe

Dedicated to the beauty of Love and the natural world. This bright and colorful preset maintains a soft and glowy skin without losing detail. I love the natural honey colors that come through and warmth that Honey Babe provides.

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I love landscapes, but have always been… okay at them. This preset helps me bring the most out of my landscapes with rich tones, bright colors, and lots of detail.

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